Heidelbergian Children's Catechism (age 8- 10 years)

Lord's Day 20

When you have to do your homework, you need Light. You switch on the light in the room. Or you turn on the desk lamp. When the light is on, you can see clearly. Now you know what you are doing. How is it possible that the light goes on? Because there is electricity. This is made by power generators. Through thick cables, it is transported to many houses all over the country. You can turn it on in your room. Now you can see everything, even when it is dark outside. Last time, we said you would learn more about the Holy Spirit. You can look again in Lord’s Days 7 and 8. There is only one God. At the same time we can say: There is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Today, we want to know more about the Holy Spirit. He, too, is God. First, I want you to answer a question. Imagine you know in the back of your mind that God is in heaven, and that God’s Son came down to live on earth. But you do not work with that, Would you be a believing child of God? Of course not. There are so many people who have heard about God, and about Jesus Christ. But they never read in their Bibles. Now another question. Can we say: God likes it that we do believe? It would be wrong for you to say that. We do not believe ourselves We received it. And we should be grateful for it. How do we believe? That is the work of the Holy Spirit. He uses the Bible to bring us to Christ. And to believe in Him Remember the lamp in your room? The electric cord does not give any light. But when the switch is turned, the cord has power. The dark disappears, and you can see everything clearly. We, too, receive power. Not through a cord, but through the Bible. That is the best book in the world. Through lt, the Holy Spirit wants to give us faith, to give us comfort and all the good gifts of God. He will never abandon us. For us this means that we must connect with God. That means: we should listen to God’s voice, the Bible. If we do that, the power of the Spirit reaches us. Just as the electricity reaches the lamp so that it shines. Then you know that your sins are forgiven. And you are so glad for everything the Bible tells us. And for the sermons in the church, and the Bible stories at home and in school. Do you know how electricity reaches a lamp? Through a plug. The plug connects the lamp with electricity. You, too, should be connected with the power of God. Then you receive your strength from God, through the Holy Spirit. He works in you to make you a child of God. We call that: being born again.

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