Heidelbergian Children's Catechism (age 8- 10 years)

Lord's Day 30

Do you remember we talked about that picture of your grandfather? You do not say that it is only his picture. You simply say, “That is my grandfather.” In the same way, the Lord Jesus said of the piece of bread, “This is my body;’ and with the wine, “This is my blood:’ The bread of the Supper remains bread, and the wine is still wine. But they point to Jesus’ death on the cross. Now, what does the Roman Catholic Church say? They think that the bread is no longer bread, but that it becomes the body of Christ. And they think that the wine really becomes Christ’s blood, even though you cannot see it change. That is why they are afraid that a little crumb may fall. lmagine dropping a little piece of Jesus on the floor! And spilling some of the wine would be just as serious. They see bread and wine as something divine. They even bow to the bread and wine. They make them into an idol. Do you know what is just as wrong? They call the Lord’s Supper a holy mass. And they mean that Christ’s death on the cross is not enough. They say that Jesus must be sacrificed time and again through the bread and the wine. That is why bread and wine are placed on an altar. They say that is the only way all sins can really be forgiven. But we don’t want to go on talking about the mass of the Roman Catholics. We want to say more about the Lord’s Supper in our church. Imagine if your little sister would eat and drink at the Lord’s Supper just like your father and mother do. Would you not be afraid that she would say, “Why is there no jam or peanut butter on the bread” She might even say, “I don’t like wine, l’d rather have pop.” You can only eat and drink the bread and the wine when you have learned what the Lord’s Supper means, and when you believe it yourself. You should also be old enough to know your own heart. There are more sins in your heart than can be seen from the outside. But you only see that clearly when you have grown up some more. You go to school for many years before you can get a job. In the same way you also must learn much from the Bible and in catechism c1ass before you can do profession of faith. Then you will also have learned how to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. But – in the meantime you can watch, and that makes you glad. You know it for yourself: the Lord is kind to me, because my sins have been forgiven. Are people who hardly think about God and who ignore the Ten Commandments allowed to participate in the Lord’s Supper? Of course not. For them, the door is c1osed.You could say that they are locked out. The door will again be opened for them when they live a better life. Next time, you will hear more about that.

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