Heidelbergian Children's Catechism (age 8- 10 years)

Lord's Day 28

This time we will think about the Lord’s Supper. You will remember from last time that baptism did not always exist. You can say the same about the Lord’s Supper. The Lord Jesus instituted it, when He celebrated the Passover. That was just before He suffered at Golgotha. Passover was celebrated once a year. A lamb was slaughtered and cooked. That lamb was the most important part of the meal. When the lamb was killed at Passover, the Israelites would look forward to another lamb, the one that would take away their sins. And you know that this was the Lord Jesus. Now the disciples were celebrating the Passover. When they ate, would they have looked at the Lord Jesus? Would they have said joyfully to each other:”There is the real lamb”? They could have known it! John the Baptist had said about Jesus: “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world,” But no, the disciples did not realize it. That was very sad for our Savior. Thankfully, Jesus was patient with his disciples. While they ate, He told them many things. That is how they knew this would be the last Passover. It was on this occasion that the Passover was replaced by the Lord’s Supper. The Lord took bread, gave thanks, and gave a piece to each of his disciples. Then He said:”This is my body for you.” Later, He gave them a cup with wine.AII twelve had to drink from it. And He said:”This is my blood:’

The Lord Jesus also said that they and all believers should go on celebrating this Holy Supper until He returned. That is why you and all people in church often see the bread and the wine. Your parents and many others may eat and drink. You can only watch, but that is also important. The Lord’s Supper helps you to understand the sermons better. And remembering the Lord’s Supper also helps when you hear about the Lord at home or in school. No one celebrates the Lord’s Supper all by himself. These pieces of bread were one whole loaf of bread at first. Just as the pieces were one bread, so all the people who celebrate the Lord’s Supper must be one big family. They should love each other, and they should help each other.

Together we are looking forward to the greatest feast. The best is yet to come: the wedding feast of Jesus, the Lamb of God. And He is waiting for us!

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